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Natural  therapy  support

and  prevention

through  rhythmic, decelerated  breathing:

 stress, hypertension,

hyperventilation, anxiety disorder, dysfunktional breathing, oxidative stress, insomnia, self-tranquillization 

and impulse control 

slow  diaphragmic breathing

with  long  exhalation

unobtrusive  use

The taxxos-DeceleBREATHor
The taxxos-DeceleBREATHor

The taxxos DeceleBREATHor  is a handy portable breathing trainer for the prevention and therapeutic support of various conditions and diseases.



The taxxos DeceleBREATHor  generates vibrations indicating the precise breathing times for inhalation and exhalation. It permits 4 breathing rhythms of different durations [for different conditions].



The taxxos DeceleBREATHor  is the size of a matchbox and fits in a pocket or purse. It can be used in public without drawing an attention to the user. Mobile breath-training is possible at any time and in any location. No mouth contact with the pacer is required.

Regular breath training


Regular breathtraining

After 15 minutestrainingthe taxxos DeceleBREATHorstopsautomatically. It has specific benefits as a tool to help the user go to sleep.



In period of stress the taxxos DeceleBREATHorcan help anywhere the user find tranquillity by concentrating fully on diaphragm [and] breathing anytime, anywhere.


German hospitals offering taxxos-DeceleBREATHor  therapy (T-DBT)


Dept. of  Psychosomatics, University Hospital Regensburg
Centre of  Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, Klinik Donaustauf
Psychosomatic Rehabilitation Clinics Clausthal and Bad Pyrmont
Kaiser Trajan Klinik, Bad Gögging, Dept. ofPsychosomatics
Psychosomatic  Clinic, Windach a. Ammersee
Pulmonary  Clinic St. Vinzenz, Brunswick

Dept. of  Pediatric  Psychosomatics, Community Hospital, Wolfsburg

The taxxos DeceleBREATHbear

breath training for children

the taxxos DeceleBREATHbear
the taxxos DeceleBREATHbear

The taxxos DeceleBREATHor  is  paid for by  most  german

public  and private health insurance  schemes  by

means  of a medical prescription